Today, more than a 100 "boys" replied and partecipated to the proposal of life of Ido Battistone, to his dream of ideal to practice the physical effort and in the solidity of moral convictions, to be able to do something great, symbolic, original. 
More than 100 of friends, with birth dates ranging between 1921 and 1996: an hopeful cutaway of generations and accessions - all of them motivated and enthusiastic - to the vocation of oarsmen, on those six benches, on those sits arranged in Dragun by the farsightedness of the helmsman and commander. 

The Governing Council today is composed of: 
Manlio Ginocchio - President (Commodoro) 
Antonio Leverone - Secretary (Scrivano) 
Bernardo Knee - Cashier (Casce') 
Andrea Costa - Helmsman and Commander of the Dragon 
Ettore Reati - Councillor 
Giorgio Piccinino - Councillor
Enzo Gelardi - Councillor and delegate cashier 
Giacomo Brigli - Councillor and secretary delegate

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Via Garibaldi 128 - 16032 CAMOGLI (GE) - ITALY

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